During the year 1960, when I was progressing well in my Aeronautical job, the top officer was thinking of deputing me to a place called Buffalo as a Project Manager. Thank God, it didn’t materialize; as I understood from others that this part of America was hopelessly torturous with severe cold and evil weather. Food and vegetables and others for the use of the domestic persons who are the inhabitants of tall buildings had to be supplied through their windows. Suppliers having used lengthy ladders for this purpose. However to my benefit, management decided to send me to Turbomeca as a Liason Officer instead.

Several years later I had the opportunity to see Niagara Falls with my brother’s family – On our way we intended to break our journey at favorite Buffalo (Sarcastic) where our Bangalore friend Prof. Laxmanan and his wife both professors of Mathematics were staying there. However, having learnt that the family was then out of town we proceeded towards Niagara Falls.

It was in 1990’s during our halt at Niagara, I managed to take out my wife on a stroll around that area. The Niagara River was flowing around the boundaries between Canada and The United States.
I had delightful hours with my younger brother and my family.

Though it was a pleasant occasion, a very funny as well as interesting event occurred. There was some sort of Barricade in the form of solid gates like Prison Gates, between America and Canada. Unless one has a jewel visa, one is not allowed through the entrance gate – unfortunately my eldest sister unaware this procedure tried to enter the wrong gate. She had no entrance visa, so eventually we had to struggle with the gatekeeper with request in order to persuade my sister to come out of the wrong gate.

After completing my entire HAL service for a period of 18 years, I decided to work in United States as an Aeronautical Engineer at Lockheed Aeronautics in New Jersey. I was successful in impressing my seniors with my good work even very early within two months. So the officers in charge attempted to make me eligible for a citizenship Of US and to give me a good increment in my salary but I refused this proposal as I was always against US citizenship and wanted to continue with my US Green Card. My ultimate ambition of my coming to US was to serve my Fathers Bookshop”Select” in Bangalore, MG Road, Then called South Parade. According to my parents and friends, this decision of mine was considered praise worthy. So, I started working in a noted publishing firm called Simon & Schuster as the Stock Controller in New Jersey.

From then, this work was really exciting and educative for me. Four young boys and two girls were in charge of the basement where I was working to examine the condition of the books supplied to a conveyer system to the head office that is the books received by the youngsters were in good condition or not. Whenever the books checked coming out of the conveyer system were found with dent or tear they would discount keep them separately as “Rejects”. I was really amused by the decision, as it was never a damage from our Indian point of view. There were at least 15 boxes lying near the door as rejects since there was no use for that organization, I had good opportunity to talk to my seniors and told him accept those boxes at a nominal rate. I managed to send these boxes to India later to Select Bookshop.

KKS Murthy, Owner, Select Bookshop